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I just love local advertising.

And I hope and pray my daughter doesn't become a deranged Brownie.


BTW, I thought the first lovely gal was advertising dental services. (I swear she has a twin doing that.) But I guess young Katie prefers to contemplate and hock garages instead of fluoride. Does she do appearances?


The more I look at the garage ad, the more it strikes me as downright odd. Does anybody actually think that the phrase "Contemplating a new garage?" has ever escaped Miss Marsh's lips?


So I guess we are stuck, umm, I mean graced, with the hot dog cup until you come up with a new contest.

I googled "Miss One Day Garages" and she is B-I-G in the Cleveland area.

Also, if anyone decides to buy a mattress at that store on McKnight, don't get a pillow top mattress. It is horrible, or at least the one we got is. I think the possessed Brownie chick had some sort of curse put on it for making fun of her.

Mountain Mama

So, once again, "cleaning the garage" takes on its new meaning, eh, Bob?


My Contemplations by Katie

- Should I pick the aqua or hot pink dress for prom? (Related: if Conner really loves me, he'll wear a matching pink cummerbund...won't he?)

- When will that photographer stop staring at my boobs?

- What's a garage?

I'm sorry, Katie. I mean these in jest. You are a lovely girl on the outside and I'm sure inside, too. But, honey, go to college and stay away from garage door modeling.


Okay, last one, here. (I'm actually working from home...sort of.)

I originally thought Mattress Queen was either Punky Brewster or one of the Square Pegs girls on speed. Am I right? If not a Brownie, doesn't she look like some early '80's TV star? Maybe I watch too many reruns.


I think Mattress Girl is really Martin Short in drag.

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